Industrial absorbents

MYTA produces and markets a wide range of absorbent products. They are prepared from Attapulgite, a light, inert mineral with high absorption power for all kinds of liquids.

MYTA's industrial absorbents are marketed under the brand name Total-Sorb and are especially designed to absorb oils and chemical products. Although they are totally inert, a degree of precaution is recommended when handling with strong acids.

Total-Sorb products are presented in 3 particle sizes, depending on the absorption power and surface type:

Total-Sorb Profesional

Particle size 4/20 (thickness 4.76 mm - 0.5 mm)
Water absorption: 90%
Oil absorption: 44%
Recommended for much-frequented outdoor areas

Total-Sorb Micro

Particle size 20/60 (fine granule 0.84 mm - 0.21 mm)
Water absorption: 120%
Oil absorption: 74%
Recommended for fairly-frequented indoor areas

Total-Sorb Plus

Particle size < 60 (very fine granule < 0.25 mm)
Water absorption: 140%
Oil absorption: 70%
Recommended for little-frequented indoor areas

Instructions for use

  • Sprinkle the granules generously over the spilt liquid.
  • Turn the product over with a brush until the granules have absorbed the spilt liquid.
  • When the granules turn brown it means that they have reached saturation. When they have reached maximum absorption, consult current waste-treatment guidelines.

Three logistical options available:


Tank truck and tipper.

Big Bag

With discharge opening.


20 kg plastic bags placed on an industrial 1,000 kg pallet (50 bags per pallet).