Benefits of having a Cat

They are smart, astute, and affectionate (in their own way). More and more people choose to welcome a cat into their homes. And they really are […]

Allergy to cats: more common than you think

Sneezing, a runny nose, itchy skin and red eyes are all symptoms of allergy. According to the University of Valencia, between 15% and 30% of people […]

How to keep your cat hydrated

In summer, with the hot weather it is important to pay attention to your cat wellbeing. One of the key issues is to guarantee a right […]

ADCLAY and growth in pigs.

In intensive pig farming, feed efficiency and profitability are two key terms. Feed represents the most important fraction of production costs (between 65-75%). Therefore, good nutrition […]

Mycotoxins and animal feed

Livestock production has known a radical progress due to the good management, the improvement of the nutrition and improvements in animal welfare. However, limiting factors may […]

One more member of the family

Thank you for sharing photos of your kittens:

Snow-covered Orera

January has brought a whole lot of snow to our Orera processing plant. Workers, shovel loaders and trucks combine work with picturesque snowy scenes.

Heraldo de Aragón: “Orera is all about absorbent clay and a sports centre ready for inauguration”

Myta’s quarry and plant are an important employment benchmark for the whole area, from Miedes to Catatayud; the most significant construction work carried out in this […]

Restoration of Goya’s murals in the Regina Martyrum vault of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar employing MYTA absorbent clays

The sepiolite of Myta has been used, among others, in restorations such as the facade of the Chapter House of La Seo in San Salvador […]

Restoration of the façade of the Chapter House of La Seo de San Salvador Cathedral in Zaragoza using MYTA absorbent clays

Sepiolite produced by Myta has been used in restoration work such as that carried out on the façade of the Chapter House of La Seo de […]