Animal food

MYTA has a specific range of sepiolitic clay products for the animal food market.

All these products are European Union registered with No. E-563. MYTA's range of products also complies with European standards on undesirable substances (heavy metals) and the presence of dioxins and PCB's in animal food.

MYTA is FAMI-QS certified.

Particle size < 100 (mealy appearance)

Ideal for mealy compounds and granulation in general.

Particle size 30/100 (fine grain appearance)

Ideal for granulation and as an excipient in the production of premixtures and correctors.

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Three logistical options depending on our customers' needs:


Tank truck (all particle sizes). Tipper (only for particle sizes 30/100 and 15/30).

Big Bag

Up to 1,100 kg with discharge opening.


20 kg bags placed on an industrial 1,000 kg pallet (50 bags per pallet).

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