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Manufacturer of absorbent clays with own SEPIOLITE, ATAPULGITE and BENTONITE mines.

We know the mineral like no one else, our raw material



It is a natural mineral with very low density, porous and with a large specific surface area. It is a non-expansive clay with a high absorption capacity, due to its microporous crystalline structure. It absorbs liquids, vapours and odours, being able to absorb its own weight in water.

Our sepiolite is of sedimentary origin and is characterised by its greyish colour and high odour absorption. We use it for the following purposes: cat litter, industrial absorbents and the manufacture of animal feed in the livestock sector.

Sepiolite mines

Untreated sepiolite

Sepiolite end product



It is a natural mineral with characteristics very similar to those of sepiolite: very low density, high porosity and high specific surface area. Like sepiolite, these characteristics make it a very absorbent clay.

The atapulgite from our mines is even lighter than our sepiolite. It is of sedimentary origin and is characterised by its natural reddish colour. We use it for cat litter.

Attapulgite mines

Untreated attapulgite

Atapulgite end product



It is a natural mineral with low density and high absorption. It is a plastic clay, as due to its composition and crystalline structure it expands when hydrated: this gives it its agglomerating property.

Our national bentonites are pinkish in colour and come from the in situ alteration of granite. Once in the factory, they are subjected to a cation exchange process to convert them into sodium bentonites and thus improve their super-absorbent capacity.

Our international bentonites come from Turkey and are naturally occurring sodium bentonites. They are white in colour and come from the hydrothermal alteration of volcanic ash.

We use both types of bentonite for cat litter.

Bentonite mines

Untreated bentonite

Bentonite end product

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