Cat litter

Light Absorbent Cat Litter

The light Absorbent Cat Litter of Myta are made of 100% natural raw materials from our Spanish mines. Optimal humidity and odour absorption thanks to the power of our natural minerals. 

Ultra-Light Cat Litter

The ultra lightweight products of MyCAT are designed with low density materials to make them easier to transport to your home. They provide a pleasant sensation of hygiene thanks to their high absorbent capacity and odour control.

Clumping Cat Litter

MyCAT Compact products always keep dry your tray. Made of bentonite, a natural mineral, in contact with humidity makes a clump which retains humidity and odours.



Compostable Cat Litter

MyCAT is a concerned brand about our environment. We created a full range of 100% compostable materials. They provide a high hygienic sensation thanks to their 100% natural absorption, dust-free.



The intrinsic absorption and hygiene properties of absorbent clays can be enhanced even further with different kinds of additives such as perfumes, unpleasant odour suppressants and antibacterial substances.


Pleasant perfumes with floral aromas are released when the product comes into contact with humidity, giving off a fresh smell and making the litter last longer.

Unpleasant-odour suppressants

Additives that prevent the development of the bacteria that produce unpleasant odours by enhancing the clay's own deodorant effect and making it last longer.

Antibacterial substances

MYTA has developed the BACTI-STOP range, which not only exerts unpleasant-odour suppressant activity, but also incorporates a bactericidal and fungicidal agent.

With our brands

These are our own trade marks and are available in all the products:

  • MY CAT

With distributor brands

We specialise in designing, manufacturing and packing our customers' brands. MYTA meets each customer's demands, offering them a tailor-made service.

All these products can be packed in a great variety of formats and different packaging qualities to make the product more attractive to the consumer by adapting it to the requirements of each customer.

MYTA is a company specialising in the Cat Litter market in the different European distribution channels: hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard discount stores, cash & carry and specialised channels. A wide range of products, presentations, palletization options and point-of-sale materials are designed and produced to maximise functionality in shops and distributor warehouses.

Single-bag pallet

Straight to the shop. Especially for major retail outlets.

Grouping pallets

The best picking option.

Half pallet

Optimum use of space.
Especially for supermarkets and smaller retail outlets.