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Benefits of having a Cat

They are smart, astute, and affectionate (in their own way). More and more people choose to welcome a cat into their homes. And they really are […]

Allergy to cats: more common than you think

Sneezing, a runny nose, itchy skin and red eyes are all symptoms of allergy. According to the University of Valencia, between 15% and 30% of people […]

How to keep your cat hydrated

In summer, with the hot weather it is important to pay attention to your cat wellbeing. One of the key issues is to guarantee a right […]

Snow-covered Orera

January has brought a whole lot of snow to our Orera processing plant. Workers, shovel loaders and trucks combine work with picturesque snowy scenes.

Heraldo de Aragón: “Orera is all about absorbent clay and a sports centre ready for inauguration”

Myta’s quarry and plant are an important employment benchmark for the whole area, from Miedes to Catatayud; the most significant construction work carried out in this […]