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Allergy to cats

L'allergie aux chats : plus fréquente qu'on ne le pense.

Eternuities, mucus, skin irritation and eye irritation are synonyms of allergy. According to the University of Valencia, between 15 and 30% of the population suffer from allergies to chats. But what is it that makes us allergic to our dear friends? Despite what we believe, it is not the

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ADCLAY and growth in pigs

ADCLAY and growth among pigs.

In intensive pig farming, feed efficiency and profitability are two key terms. Feeding represents the most important fraction of production costs (between 65 and 75%). Consequently, good nutrition management is the basis for successful profitability. The regimes must be balanced, without

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Mycotoxins in animal feed

Mycotoxins and animal feed

Animal production has made significant progress thanks to good management, improved nutrition and a focus on animal welfare. However, limiting factors can prevent adequate nutrition from being achieved, negatively affecting animal health and the financial situation of the farm.

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MYTA processing plant in Orera

Orera enneigé

January has also brought a lot of snow to our transformation site in Orera. Workers, trucks and lorries have made their taches compatible with this beautiful print.

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MYTA continues its focus on R&D&I and supports the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation in the revaluation of biogas from urban and agro-industrial solid waste.

BIOGAS_RIS3 is the project that the Fondation pour le Développement des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Hydrogène en Aragon coordinates with the collaboration of: MYTA, GRES ARAGÓN, also part of the SAMCA Group, Enagas, Man Hummel and Gestión de Residuos Huesca (GRHUSA). The aim of the project is to absorb the impurities of biogas through advanced materials

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Restoration of the façade of the Chapter House of La Seo with MYTA clays

Restoration of the façade of the Chapter House of La Seo de San Salvador de Saragosse with MYTA absorbing mortars.

Myta's seppiolite has been used, among others, in restorations such as that of the façade of the Chapter House of La Seo de San Salvador de Saragosse and Goya's frescoes on the Regina Martyrum ceiling of the Basilique du Pilar. Update on the rehabilitation:

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