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Advantages of owning a cat

Benefits of having a Cat

They are smart, astute, and affectionate (in their own way). More and more people choose to welcome a cat into their homes. And they really are the perfect housemates... here are some of the reasons why. They keep you company but are also independent. Cats need less care than others

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Allergy to cats

Allergy to cats: more common than you think

Sneezing, a runny nose, itchy skin and red eyes are all symptoms of allergy. According to the University of Valencia, between 15% and 30% of people suffer from allergy to cats, but what is it that causes allergy to our feline friends? Despite what you may think, it is not

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Keeping your cat hydrated

How to keep your cat hydrated

In summer, with the hot weather it is important to pay attention to your cat wellbeing. One of the key issues is to guarantee a right hydration. Cats don't drink very much: between 50 and 100 ml per kilogram. They don't really like to keep in contact with water and

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ADCLAY and growth in pigs

ADCLAY and growth in pigs.

In intensive pig farming, feed efficiency and profitability are two key terms. Feed represents the most important fraction of production costs (between 65-75%). Therefore, good nutrition management is the base of profitability success. The diets have to be balanced, without deficit or excess in the necessary nutrients. In intensive farming

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Mycotoxins in animal feed

Mycotoxins and animal feed

Livestock production has known a radical progress due to the good management, the improvement of the nutrition and improvements in animal welfare. However, limiting factors may impede to reach an adequate nutrition, affecting so negatively the health status of the animals and also to the financial status of the farm.

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MYTA processing plant in Orera

Snow-covered Orera

January has brought a whole lot of snow to our Orera processing plant. Workers, shovel loaders and trucks combine work with picturesque snowy scenes.

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