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The cat on International Book Day

Cat proposals for International Book Day

Some prefer the smell of paper and ink. Some prefer to save paper and carry them everywhere. There are those who read them at night, and there are those who think that any time is a good time. There are those who savour every page and every word, and those who prefer to read them at night.

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The upside of being confined

The upside of being confined

A state of alarm was declared in Spain on 14 March. On 16 March, in France. And, little by little, the whole of Europe adapted to the new measures in homes and workplaces. One month later, we have had time to reflect. At MYTA, we want to tell you

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8 "MYTERAS" films for the weekend

8 100% "MYTERAS" films to survive the weekend at home.

MYTA is a mining company. We extract, transform, produce and distribute absorbent clays. In these days of confinement, we invite you to watch 8 films that talk about our activity and the use of our products. Film, blanket and... action! 1. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. We all know this Disney classic. The

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MYTA facilities continue to operate

Our facilities are still in operation.

On 29 March, Royal Decree 10/2020 was published with measures that establish serious restrictions on economic activities in our country. In its annex there are a series of essential sectors that require the continuation of their activity. Among these activities are those that form part of the chain of

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How to support your human

A cat in quarantine

How to support your human. Practical advice. Our welfare is their priority. They feed us, clean and fill the tray and pamper us. We can't complain. Or we can. Some of you, like me, may have noticed that our human doesn't leave the house. This atypical behaviour can be amusing

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MYTA guarantees maximum safety with your cat litter

We continue to work.

We continue to work so that your cat does not lack its favourite litter. At MYTA we are working harder than ever to ensure that you continue to enjoy your cat at this time. We are taking all preventive measures to guarantee the maximum safety of our team and collaborators. Make the most of this time

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At MYTA we celebrate cat day

We celebrate cat day.

The cat is the real king of the house, our most demanding customer, and today, 17 February, he celebrates his day. The stories of Socks, the popular family cat of President Bill Clinton, and Choupette, the mascot of the Channel designer, have made this day a special day for

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