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Vegetal clumping

Description Characteristics Binding bed of vegetable fibres. Dust free. High capacity to absorb liquids and odours. Biodegradable and compostable. Maximum efficiency for all types of cats, adults and puppies. ADVANTAGES 100% natural Compostable and vegetable Maximum absorption and efficiency thanks to its vegetable fibres Dust free Material Barley

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Ultra-light absorbent

Description Features Ultra-lightweight hygienic bedding. Calcium silicate compound. Extra fast absorption to eliminate moisture and odour. Efficiency 100%. ADVANTAGES Ultralight Optimum odour and liquid control thanks to its high porosity Long-lasting hygiene Material Calcium silicate Absorption Odour control Format 8 L

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Scented absorbent

Description Features Natural sepiolite mineral absorbent bedding. Optimum moisture and odour absorption thanks to the properties of our mineral. Maximum hygiene and extra comfort thanks to its soft scent that is activated on contact with moisture. ADVANTAGES Maximum moisture absorption Efficient odour control thanks to

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Gold clumping

Description Features Hygienic and practical mineral litter. Ultra-absorbent. On contact with moisture it forms a mineral ball that is removed, allowing a clean litter to be maintained at all times thanks to its clumping effect. Lightly scented. Keeps the litter tray dry. ADVANTAGES Binding effect Keeps the litter tray dry Maximum durability

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