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We have spoken with experts: ADCLAY E 563, MYTA's additive that improves animal welfare.

ADCLAY E 563, MYTA additive for animal welfare


Zahia Amanzougarene, Sales Executive at MYTA, Phd Agronomist and expert in animal feed and feed additives, highlights the potential of the product developed by our company.


The additive produced in excellent hygienic and safety conditions on the whole production line can be used in multi-species feeding.

Amanzougarene explains to us how the use of the properties of the MYTAcommercialised under the brand name déposée ADCLAY E 563has advantages for the manufacture of animal feed for production animals:

"ADCLAY is a natural, inert and insoluble product. Due to its nature, it has no adverse effect on animal health and offers many advantages, including its ability to improve the granulation and durability of feed. It is a product that does not affect the nutrients in the feed.

In fact, its inclusion in animal feed can help to solve a number of health problems such as diarrhoea in pigs, prevents the accumulation of aflatoxin-contaminated feed and can promote animal growth.

Today, more than ever, we must take the greatest care and pay particular attention to animal feed, as the mainstay of the human food chain, while always respecting the necessary preventive measures throughout the chain to protect the people involved.

ADCLAY is a natural additive that contributes to the well-being of the animal, more necessary than ever in today's context".


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