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8 100% "MYTERAS" films to survive the weekend at home.

8 "MYTERAS" films for the weekend

MYTA is a mining company. We extract, transform, produce and distribute absorbent clays.

In these days of confinement, we invite you to watch 8 films that talk about our activity and the use of our products. Film, blanket and... action!

1. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

We all know this Disney classic. The lovable dwarfs who protect Snow White have a job we know well: they are miners! They dig for diamonds with zeal. We dig with machines in open-cast mines, and extract minerals such as sepiolite and attapulgite.


2. The Aristocats.

Marie, Duchess, Toulouse... are some of the names of the characters. Some of the most fun and mischievous cats. At MYTA we are sure that they use MyCAT.


3. Garfield.

Who doesn't know this cat? A lover of lasagne and cuddles, a bit lazy and an enemy of exercise and diets. If Garfield could talk, he would choose MyCAT.


4. A ruckus at the ranch.

Cows with a great love for their farmer, which they try to save from ruin and avoid closing down their farm. This can only be because their fodder was made from ADCLAYour technological additive.


5. Shaun the Sheep.

Shaun is a very clever sheep who disguises himself as a farmer and gets the sheepdog to obey him. Such intelligence in a sheep can only be due to a good diet. I'm sure his feed contains some ADCLAY.


6. Animal Farm.

Cows are not the only ones who eat a feed made from ADCLAY. Pigs, sheep, horses can also enjoy the advantages of our technological additive and create a revolution.


7. Cars.

Lightning McQueen is the star of the car races in this film. But did you know that the material used on the tracks for the spills is the sepiolite? Thanks to its absorbent properties, it facilitates the cleaning of oils.


8. Chicken Run: Evasion on the Farm.

Where do chickens sleep? Well, one of their comfortable beds is TOTAL-SORBwhere they are warm and clean.



After watching these films we hope that our activity will be more present in your daily life.

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