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Cat proposals for International Book Day

The cat on International Book Day

Some prefer the smell of paper and ink. Some prefer to save paper and carry them everywhere. There are those who read them at night, and there are those who think that any time is a good time. Some savour every page and every word, and some devour them in a matter of hours. Some give themselves over to the enigma and the mystery, and some start at the end. There are readers of all types, and so there are books for all tastes.

Today, international book daywe want to share 8 books dedicated to them, the cats. At MYTA, we dedicate them to those who believe that one day they will rule the world:


  1. I don't have a cat in my house.

Mía and Pedrín are the main characters in this story of first-timers. The writer tells how he went from denying entry of a feline into your home, even as "Mia", a (not at all) common European cat stole his heart. Mía is also the protagonist of several viral articles in El País: "Como yo, una gata, descubrí que era adoptada" and has an Instagram profile with more than 14,000 followers.


  1. Dangers of cat ownership.

"They are cute, fluffy and furry. They seduce us with their tender look, their funny moustaches, their millions of funny photos and videos on the internet, but... Are you really aware of how dangerous cat ownership can be? Maybe you still have time..." This is how the synopsis of the book begins. Actually, at MYTA, we can think of a few risks, but we prefer that you discover them for yourselves. All the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated in full to the Gestión Felina Madrid association.


  1. How to tell if your cat is planning to kill you.

This play questions the love our little furry friends have for us.. "If your cat massages you with its paws, it is not a sign of affection. It is checking for possible weaknesses in your internal organs. If your cat brings you a dead animal, it is not a gift. It is a warning." These, are just some of the examples collected in the book, along with other cat behaviours and anecdotes, which are always accompanied by survival tips for us, their humans. Our veterinary experts neither affirm nor deny the stories contained in its pages.


  1. Choupette: Scrapbook of a cat

Choupette is not just any cat. We already knew that. She has 4 paws, a tail and two "sapphires" for eyes. So far so normal. But it's not enough for her to inherit the millionaire fortune of her owner, the designer Karl Lagerfeld. She also has a book of her own. The book has a minimalist design that contrasts with the luxurious life of the little white kitten. We are personally intrigued to see his sandbox.


  1. In the mind of a cat.

Written by zoologist John Bradshaw, this book tells us the latest scientific discoveries about cats. Have you ever wondered how they think? For us it is a must on our shelves.


  1. Puss in Boots.

Big, green, irresistible eyes. But what characterises this persuasive kitten is not his eyes: it's his footwear.


  1. The mystery of Lua's children.

It is the ideal book for little ones at home. It won the National Prize for children's literature and the O Barco de Vapor prize. It will keep the kings of the house (the two-legged ones) entertained while they look for the kittens of a mother cat accompanied by her owner.


  1. Cinderella.

Lucifer. That's the name of one of the antagonists in Cinderella. Its owner is the wicked stepmother of the fairy tale. The feline, significantly overfedLucifer is not only one of the main character's arch-enemies, but he also gives Gus and Jack, Cinderella's rodent friends, a hard time, by devouring defenceless little mice, with a smile that chills the blood and claws bigger than he is.

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