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ECOCLAY, the natural mineral litter for poultry species.

ECOCLAY natural mineral litter for poultry species

ECOCLAY is the mineral solution for poultry farms as a litter component. The product, which is based on sepiolitic clays, forms an insulating, dry and comfortable surface for the poultry. MYTA's sepiolitic clay is a natural mineral with a high absorbent capacity, making it a suitable material for use as litter.


Proper litter is key to animal welfare, especially for poultry production species, as they spend their lives in contact with litter. Choosing a quality litter for poultry helps to avoid various diseases such as foot pad dermatitis, spots and blisters on the chicken breast, microbial contamination such as E. coli and salmonella. Problems that always have a negative impact on the profitability and economy of poultry farms.

ECOCLAY is a natural and safe product. It guarantees a litter free of pathogens (mycotoxins) and other substances toxic to the animal.

Its use and handling is simple and effective. The inclusion of between 25% and 50% of ECOCLAY in the litter together with other materials such as husks, straw or sawdust, forming a layer of 7 cm in broilers and 14 cm in other breeder species, provides multiple benefits associated with animal welfare:

  • Maximum absorption of liquids and odours thanks to the high absorbent capacity of the mineral: optimises the hygiene of the bed.
  • Low conductivity: maintains farm temperature.
  • Fluffy and comfortable bedding.
  • It keeps Ph, humidity and ammonia levels under control, which prevents multiple respiratory and dermatological problems.
  • Regulates the relative humidity and improves air quality.

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