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How to set up a cat-proof Christmas tree

Anyone who lives with a cat (or several cats) knows that it's quite difficult to keep Christmas decorations in perfect condition until the end of the festive season. Today we bring you some useful tips for a cat-proof Christmas tree.

1- Avoid placing ornaments and decorative balls at the lowest part of the tree.. Our cats are very attracted to shiny things such as tinsel or glass Christmas balls, so a good option is to place this decoration as high as possible from the tree. To ensure that it is not easy for them to access it, we must also place the tree in a location away from windows, furniture, etc. or any point of support that makes it easier for them to climb on it. We will also prevent our cat from hurting itself, especially with glass balls.

2- Spray the tree with citrus. Cats don't like the smell of citrus fruits very much, rather they are repulsed by them. That is why a very good option for keeping our Christmas tree is to spray it with a mixture of water and orange or citronella..

3- A scratching tree. If you've tried all the possible options and still haven't managed to keep the tree safe, give it a whirl and replace the traditional Christmas tree with a Christmas tree scratching post. Your kitty will be entertained playing and you won't have to worry about damage to the decoration. Everybody's happy!

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