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Curiosities about Sepiolite

Curiosities about Sepiolite

At MYTA, we know the mineral like nobody else. That is why today we want to tell you some curiosities about one of our minerals: sepiolite.

  1. It absorbs the equivalent of its weight in water.

Sepiolite is a mineral with a high absorption capacity, being able to absorb up to its own weight in water.

  1. It also traps odours.

Its absorption capacity is not only limited to liquids, it is also capable of trapping bad odours thanks to its high absorption speed.

  1. It is light.

Sepiolite has a relatively low density, below 1, making it a light mineral compared to other ultra-absorbent minerals.

  1. It's the cat's toilet.

Cats find it comfortable (ethology). It is the ideal material to guarantee the hygiene of cats and their odours.

  1. Avoid bad smells in your rubbish.


If the smell of your rubbish is a nuisance, try adding a handful of sepiolite to the bottom of your bag. It will also prevent liquids from spilling out.

  1. You will have seen it at petrol stations and in F1.

If you haven't already noticed, you will see a sack or bucket with sepiolite next to the fuel servers. Its application is simple and allows for easy clean-up of any spills.

These are just some curiosities about our mineral, but there are many more. We invite you to discover more about our minerals in this link:

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