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The first female geologist in history

Women's and Girls' Day in Science

Today, 11 February, is the day of Women and Girls in Science.

In order to recognise the role of women in science, and more specifically in our sector, we tell you the story of the first female geologist in history.

Martine Bertereau, also known as Baroness de Beausoleil, is the first known geologist in history. A pioneer in mining engineering and mineralogy, she was born in France in 1578.

He travelled through Central Europe, Sweden, Scotland, the Guianas and Bolivia investigating subsoil resources, mineral deposits and mining.

In 1626 he returned to France to work for the monarchy. In France, many mines, known since ancient times and exploited throughout the Middle Ages, were no longer profitable or had been abandoned. Martine Beausoleil's task was to reopen mines that were in a position to be exploited again and to locate new deposits in order to improve the monarchy's finances.

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