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The upside of being confined

The upside of being confined

A state of alarm was declared in Spain on 14 March. On 16 March, in France. And, little by little, the whole of Europe adapted to the new measures at home and in the workplace.

One month later, we have had time to reflect. At MYTA, we want to tell you the positive aspects that this lock-in is leaving on the members of our team:

  1. We spend more time with our family.

We have the opportunity to give back the time we sometimes don't have for our children. We can read with them, play, study and telework. We get to know their daily lives, their tastes and concerns. We exercise with them, dust off the board games they got for Christmas and enjoy family meals.


  1. Hygiene, up to date.

We wash our hands frequently. How often do we do this in our daily lives? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), washing hands frequently is the most common way of washing hands. Soap and water eliminates 80% from the microbes that cause various diseases.

In addition to washing our hands, we wash them well.


  1. We have learned to telework.

According to the Labour Force Survey conducted in 2019, only 5% of people in work were working from home. COVID-19 has prompted companies to make the leap to digitalisation. And what have we discovered? That we are capable of doing it. We are a team capable of coordinating, communicating and adapting to change without losing efficiency.


  1. We have shown our most supportive side.

Applause, balconies with banners of encouragement and doorways full of notes from young people for those older people who can't come down to shop.

A few days after the classes were censored, university students were already volunteering their time to look after children whose parents continued to work. Homemade food and homemade masks for the toilets were also offered.

Companies have also shown their most supportive side. In Aragon alone, 1.3 million euros were raised on the first day of the campaign. "Aragon on the Move, which our Group joined, SAMCA Groupdonating 800,000 euros for the purchase of medical equipment. Other Group companies have also made donations to hospitals. This is the case of FarmaPlast, that together with NovaPet, has donated to the Clínic de Barcelona more than 5,000 containers with dispensers that will enable the disinfectant gel produced by its laboratory to be distributed to all healthcare personnel.

  1. Pollution reduction.

The planet was asking for a break. And confinement has done just that. Reductions in traffic and many industrial activities have significantly reduced nitrogen dioxide concentrations, as shown by the Copernicus Sentinel 5P satellite:


  1. Time with our pets.

They, the real kings of the household, know that something is going on. Dogs, cats and small rodents know that we are at home all the time. They are more affectionate than ever, and we enjoy their company. At MYTA it won't be long before we propose a "Take your pet to work" day (mask included).


  1. Expert cooks.

Flour consumption during COVID-19 has increased by 200% and yeast consumption by 196% (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food). The social networks are filled with images of biscuits and biscuits. Yes, now that we have time, we've got our little chef out and we're getting down to work!

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