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What should we know if we are considering getting a cat?

Tips on how to get a cat

If you love animals, especially cats, and you are thinking of getting one, you are in luck! Celia, from Montecanal Veterinary Clinictells us everything we need to know before getting a cat.


"If you are considering getting a cat, you should be aware that you are going to acquire a responsibility for a few years. Nowadays the life expectancy of our feline companions is around 17 years, some even longer, so this is something to consider. (If you can't take on this responsibility for that long, perhaps you should consider another type of pet).

For our new friend to be well we must take it to the vet soon after acquiring it, for a general check-up, deworming and vaccination. In addition, we should be ready to take him to the vet if we see that something strange is happening to him, if he is sad, stops running and playing like every day, eats less, increases his water consumption, or if we see any alteration in his stools or urination.

Cats, despite their reputation for being solitary, are quite sociable and they have a number of needs that we commit ourselves to meeting when we decide to share our home with them:

  • They need a suitable place to relieve themselves. If there are several cats, the number of trays should also be increased in proportion to the number of cats you have.
  • They need to have places of rest that they like and make them feel comfortable.
  • They have to do some exercise every day. To do this, we can move their toys around and change them from time to time. Each cat likes a different type of play and we need to find out which one is our cat's favourite.
  • They need to be well fed. It is advisable to ask your vet what we should offer them and in what quantity.
  • If our cat is long-haired it is very important to getting used to daily brushing from an early age to avoid knots and problems caused by swallowing excess hair.


A small cat is always adorable, but as they grow up they acquire their own personality. 

Some are always very cuddly and seek contact for hours on end, others need more space; some may develop unforeseen medical problems, others are very active and give us no respite, always looking to play with everything around us and everything we touch..... The key is knowing how to adaptaccept our cat's way of being and know how to find a way to enjoying a life together."

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