Production centers

The acquisition in 1990 of the Maderuelo (Segovia) mine and factory extended MYTA's activities to new products - attapulgite - and new industrial application sectors. Subsequent restructuring work on the manufacturing plant and the warehouses has placed this production centre on the same technological level as the sepiolite plant.

In addition, since 2004 MYTA has been transforming and marketing bentonite, which it extracts in the Zamora area. Manufacturing takes place at the Maderuelo plant, which has been equipped with all the manufacturing elements required for the transformation of this new mineral.

MYTA has its own mines for the extraction of absorbent clays sepiolite, attapulgite and bentonite, which guarantee the quality and the service of our products.

To transform these minerals, MYTA has two modern factories equipped with the latest technology, which offer all kinds of possibilities. Two production centres transform the clay into solutions that make the life of our customers and consumers easier.

Since its foundation in 1986, the company's activity has focused on extraction from the sepiolite deposits in the area of Calatayud (Zaragoza). The packing lines and warehouse facilities at the Orera factory have since been extended several times, making it one of the most modern and best equipped in Europe.