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How to keep your cat hydrated

Cómo mantener hidratado a tu gato

In summer, with the hot weather it is important to pay attention to your cat wellbeing. One of the key issues is to guarantee a right hydration.

Cats don’t drink very much: between 50 and 100 ml per kilogram. They don’t really like to keep in contact with water and as you would have noticed that cats can be very picky. We have some tricks to get your cat to drink water:

  1. Usually you feed your cat with dry and wet food all year long. In summer you can increase the wet food percentage (60% of water) and decrease the dry food (around 10%). With their ethology, cats used to obtain water from the animals they hunted. Wet food is the easiest and most natural way to keep them hydrated.
  2. Your cat needs around-the-clock access to fresh drinking water. Make sure there is always has clean and fresh water available. The water bowl must be large enough to ensure the whiskers fit. You can also put more than one bowl in your house to make the access to fresh water easier.
  3. Use a pet fountain. They prefer circulating water. Again their ethology makes them prefer running water safer to drink.

Keep in mind that if your cat is drinking more water he/she will use more often the cat litter. Make sure to control more often the litter.

If you think your cat doesn’t drink enought water, try to practice the tips discusing before. Dehydration can be a serius problem: do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian.

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