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Absorbent natural pink

Description Features Natural mineral absorbent bedding made of attapulgite. Optimum moisture and odour absorption thanks to the properties of our mineral. Maximum hygiene and extra comfort thanks to its soft scent that is activated on contact with moisture. ADVANTAGES Maximum moisture absorption Efficient odour control thanks to

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How to set up a cat-proof Christmas tree

Anyone who lives with a cat (or several cats) knows that it is quite difficult to keep Christmas decorations in perfect condition until the end of the festive season. Today we bring you some useful tips for a cat-proof Christmas tree. 1- Avoid putting ornaments and baubles on the tree

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Recycled paper

Description Features The PICKY cat litter is made from recycled paper without chemical additives. We revalue waste by giving it a new use. It absorbs bad smells and humidity, is dust free and very practical as it is a lighter material. Material 100% recycled paper Absorbency

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Natural clumping

Description Features The PICKY AGLOMERANTE NATURAL litter is composed exclusively of clay without any additives. In contact with humidity, Sodium Bentonite forms a natural agglomerate that retains bad smells instantly. Material Bentonite Absorption Odour control Format 5 L

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Light clumping

Description Features Exclusive blend of natural clays. Super absorbent clay granules, 40% lighter than traditional bentonites. Very easy to handle and use, with effective agglomerates. Material Clay Absorption Odour control Format 8 L

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Coarse-grained natural absorbent

Description Features PICKY 100% natural, additive-free clay acts like a sponge and traps moisture and odours. With coarser grains, it is more suitable for long-haired cats. Material Clay Absorption Odour control Format 8 L

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Description Characteristics ECO CLAY bio is a technological additive that increases the efficiency of aerobic biological wastewater treatment systems. Its versatility makes it useful for any version of this type of treatment and valid for any industrial sector. It consists of a synergistic mixture

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Description Characteristics The high absorption capacity of TOTAL SORB® MICRO, due to its physical and chemical properties, makes it ideal for the treatment and inertisation of toxic waste. Efficient and simple solution. ADVANTAGES It is a completely safe absorbent from the point of view of work and health. Particularly recommended for:

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Description Features TOTAL-SORB® PROFESSIONAL is MYTA's product specially designed for the absorption of oils and chemicals. Due to the natural properties of the mineral, it is also suitable for use in other non-industrial sectors. ADVANTAGES Industrial spills. Absorbent for liquids and spills (petrol stations, workshops). Material Sepiolitic clay Granulometry <100 Format

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