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ADCLAY® is registered as a technological additive under the number E 563 / 1g563, within the group of binders, anti-binders and coagulants. 

The main characteristics defining the properties of ADCLAY® are: 

  • High absorption and adsorption capacity: making it optimal for the manufacture of animal feed. 
  • High specific surface area: favours the interaction of the product with the different components of the feed. 
  • Moderate cation exchange capacity: ensures that the presence of sepiolitic clay does not interfere with other components (vitamins, medicines or trace elements).



  • Increases the hardness and durability of the feed. 
  • Improves fluidisation during production. 
  • Lower mechanical requirements with the following energy savings. 
  • It makes it easier to obtain a homogeneous mixture. 
  • Enhances nutrient absorption. 
  • It promotes animal welfare. 
Material Sepiolitic clay
Granulometry < 100
Format Bulk
Big Bag
20 kg bags

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