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A cat in quarantine

How to support your human

How to support your human. Practical advice.

Our well-being is their priority. They feed us, clean and fill the tray and pamper us. We can't complain. Or we can.

Some of you, like me, will have detected that our human does not leave the house. This atypical behaviour may be amusing at first, but by the fourth day it is a saint of our despair. We need our time and space to groom ourselves and get up to our usual mischief.

I, as an expert cat of the MYTA team in litter quality and odour and humidity control, give you some tips to put up with your human these days:

  • Ignore him. Whenever you have a full bowl, do not approach it or make eye contact. If he comes close, you can walk away.

  • Find a hiding place. We need our own space without being constantly caressed in our 4 daily naps. A locked wardrobe is usually the best option, although boxes and suitcases are also usually quite comfortable and safe.

  • Leaves hairs all over the house. This is nothing new. But these days when you don't enjoy human leisure, will entertain himself by cleaning them and we can enjoy some quiet time.

  • Interrupts their sleep periods. Ideally, it is best to wake him in the middle of the night. You can jump on him, bite his foot or poke him in the nose with your paws. The idea is that he will spend the next day exhausted on the sofa and we can keep a low profile.

  • Beware of children. Our main threat these days. They are particularly bored and are prone to to pull our tails and moustaches. Given its smaller size, the best option is to barricade itself on top of a shelf.

Greater peace of mind, and a clean and odourless environment, will make us feel happy and content.


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