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Tips for the use of sand

Tips for the use of sand

What should my cat's litter tray look like?


There are different types of trays. It must be not too tall, wide and big enough so that the cat can cover its droppings, burrow, turn around. The most common is a open tray, simple or with borderalthough there are also models cutlery and automatic cleaning. If there is more than one cat in the household, it is recommended that there be a tray rather than cats (e.g. if there are two cats, three trays), to avoid stress problems and to facilitate elimination for the cats.

Where do I put the sand tray?


It is important that the place where the tray is placed be quiet, quiet, low-traffic and away from the usual areas of use. of the house. The tray must be remote of the areas where our cat has its water and food.

How should I clean the tray to avoid odours?


To delay the formation of malodour, it is necessary to maintaining the cleanliness of the bed, removing excreta and clumps on a daily basis. It is advisable to carry out a daily surface cleaning and a deeper cleaning when the bed is completely renewed, both the tray and the floor, keeping the area with a good ventilation.

and remember...


A good quality absorbent litter controls odour formation.

A clean and odourless environment will your kitten is content, healthy and happy and helps you and your pet to get on well with each other.

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