Tips for using sand

How should be my cat's tray?

There are different types of trays. It should be not too high, wide and large enough for the cat in order to cover their depositions, to dig, to turn. The most usual is an open tray, simple or edge, although there are models covered and automatic cleaning. If there are more cats at home it is recommended to have one tray more than the number of cats (eg. if there are two cats, three trays) to avoid problems of stress and to help cats.

Where do I put the sand tray?

It is important that where we place the tray is quiet, no noise, low traffic and away from commonly used areas of the house. The tray should be away from areas where your cat has his water and food.

How should I clean the tray to prevent odors?

To delay the formation of odors, you must maintain the cleanliness of the bed, removing excrements and pellets daily. It is recommended a daily surface cleaning and another deep cleaning when fully renew the bed, the tray, the floor, keeping the area with a good air circulation.

And remember...

A good quality absorbent bed controls the formation of odors. A clean and no bad smell place will make your kitten glad, healthy and happy and it promotes living with your pet.