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Mining is an essential activity

Mining is an essential activity

Mining is an essential activity linked to the advancement of mankind.

There are many different types of mining, but they all have one thing in common: they are essential. They produce irreplaceable natural resources that have contributed, do contribute and will contribute to the development of society.

In 10,000 BC, lithic industries emerged, in which worked rocks and minerals were used as tools and weapons.

Later, in the Metal Age, they were used to make elements and tools that are key to our evolution: tools for agriculture, weapons for hunting and warfare, and utensils for eating.

In Roman times, one of their motivations for conquering the Iberian Peninsula was to appropriate the mineral resources in order to build the Roman road and expand their wealth.

In the Industrial Revolution, it was minerals such as coal and iron (as the basis for steel) that allowed the construction of railways, tracks and machines, the basis of our industry.

Today, minerals are still indispensable. If we think about our daily lives, we will come to the conclusion that mining is present in almost every aspect of our lives.

Mining is in the buildings, roads, planes or cars that require minerals for their construction.

It is in new technologies, made up of minerals: from the copper in wiring to the technological minerals in microchips, batteries and integrated circuits.

Mining is also present thanks to its applications in essential activities that are not visible to the naked eye: primary activities such as animal feed, agriculture, or food preservatives, or the production of chemical and pharmaceutical compounds, indispensable for the well-being of society.

It is thanks to mineral resources and their proper management that we are making progress as a society.


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